KMR Infrastructure removes the complexity and high costs from distributed renewable energy generation. Corporate and institutional networks like telecom towers or hospitals have dispersed sites with low power consumption that require considerable financial and operational resources to ensure uninterrupted power supply. KMRI with its partners has addressed the technical, operational and financial challenges involved in small scale distributed renewable generation. KMRI designs, finances, installs and operates renewable energy plants and offers customers power purchase agreements (PPA) that help them go green while reducing operating cost and avoiding capital expenditure.

For investors, KMRI offers a highly attractive and new model for renewable energy in Asia and Africa. Traditional RE projects rely on IPP model with long lead times and reliance on subsidized tariffs from the local utility. KMRI instead offers high quality corporate PPAs and long term cashflows in a plug and play deployment model that has better economics, is less risky and faster to execute. KMRI is promoted by professionals who have long, successful track record in renewable energy. We are very passionate in creating a long term multi billion market and have a relentless commitment to ensuring “five ninths” uptime in our network.